Do you know that Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco or Simplicity sewing machines can use cards of up to 1 Megabyte in memory size (approximately 450,000 stitches)? 128 Kilobyte Brother type blank cards hold about 55,000 stitches.
Do you know that Viking/Husqvarna, Pfaff and Artista 200 sewing machines can read about 260,000 stitches from a single card? While Viking, Pfaff and Artista type cards hold only 130,000 stitches.

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Ultimate Card FAQ
Ultimate Box FAQ


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Note! The Ultimate Card, Version II is needed only for use with PED-Basic and PE-Design Box, Ver. 4.0 or higher (Palette, Deco Wizard).
Note! Click here for the IMPORTANT INFORMATION about Ultimate Card version II and latest versions of Brother PE-design*.

After Vikant introduced the 512K Blank Embroidery Card to Pfaff users in 1998, the news spread quickly among owners of different brands of sewing machines.
Since then, we've been flooded with inquiries from Brother, Babylock, Bernina Deco, Simplicity and Viking/Husqvarna users asking, "Do you have a larger blank card available for our machines?"

As a result of  about 12 months of in-depth research and development, sourcing and manufacturing work, The Ultimate Card was born. This card is entirely manufactured in the USA.

Why The Ultimate?

The Ultimate Memory Size   -  1 Megabyte (8 Megabit) is the largest memory space that can be recognized, read and used by  Brother, Babylock, White, Bernina Deco or Simplicity sewing machines. Store about 35-40  patterns with over 450,000 total number of stitches.

The Ultimate Compatibility   -  Use the same Ultimate Card with Brother, Babylock, White, Bernina Deco and Simplicity embroidery machines. Each brand requires a different programing method that is  provided by The Ultimate box or other embroidery reader/writer devices.

The Ultimate Adaptability   -   The Ultimate Card, Ver II works with The Ultimate Box, The Ultimate Box Plus, The Ultimate Box II, PE-Design Box ver. 4.0 or higher, PED Basic, Palette Box ver. 4.0 or higher, Deco Wizard Box ver. 4.0 or higher.


The Ultimate price     -  Our 1 Megabyte cards cost less than any other blank embroidery cards.

Click here for The Ultimate Card II Compatibility List of embroidery machines
by Models and Manufacturers.

For more information on The Ultimate Card and The Ultimate Box
click here for The Ultimate Card FAQ

or here for The Ultimate Box FAQ

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Upgrade your box software to a new Basic or Plus and SAVE hundreds of dollars.

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The Ultimate Box is the most cost effective alternative to buying a new embroidery machine because your old Magic/Amazing, PE Design, Palette or Deco Wizard read/write boxes do not work under newer operating systems.

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